Awhile back I had a lovely session with John. I am often receptive to Reiki from strangers so I wasn’t surprised to notice particular “jazz” from my friend.
What was a surprise was immediate relief from a chronic “tennis elbow” affliction I had tolerated for so long, it hadn’t even made my wish list as a request for particular attention.
Pain free and never returned! Extra bonus to a truly healing experience. Thank you John!

-Linda New-Craig, Artisan


John has an innate sense of humor and compassion that comes through in spades in his healing work. I saw John for several Reiki treatments after sustaining broken bones and internal bleeding from a major mountaineering accident. The power to heal comes from within, but often not without help. John’s facilitation of this healing process is gentle and trusting, allowing the recipient to open up and let go of that which is not serving them. When I saw specialists in a 6 week follow up after my injuries, they were surprised and impressed that I was recovering so rapidly. I credit this in large part to working with John.

After having Reiki I attunement led by John, I also got to experience others being empowered  and taught by this energy. He is an excellent guide and teacher, passionate about the work and his students from a genuine place of love instead of self serving ego.

People light up when they see him and with good reason. He spreads joy and wellness, and we all need more of those!
– Jen R, Massage and Shiatsu Practitioner


A number of years ago, I was looking for help dealing with anxiety and stress. Even though I liked what I had read about Reiki, I was hesitant to try it. When I met John, and we talked about it, I realized that I had nothing to lose by trying a session. Before my first session, I was a little bit nervous, but John put me right at ease. He was able to slow me down and help me focus on what I was looking to gain from my experience. Afterwards, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. I felt hopeful, centered, and a sense of calm enveloped me. After that, there was no going back! John has brought such a peace to my life. He helped me to learn so much about myself. If I hadn’t moved away, I would still be seeing him on a regular basis!
– Jenny Meisinger, Actor and Mom of twins


John is the man who not only introduced me to Reiki, but who trained me into my mastery. John combines compassion and humor to connect with each and every one of his students, to the point where it feels like he is catering his training to you alone, even though you may be in a class with several people.

He knows his craft perfectly, and whether he is giving a treatment, or training a level, he handles it professionally and expertly. Quick to smile and make you feel supported, I would go through Reiki training with him again if I could.
If you’re at all curious about Reiki, whether it’s training or a session, you have most certainly made the right choice by finding John Decker

– Nik Magill, Reiki Master


John truly is a reiki master. I have found myself to be deeply relaxed and energized after a session with him. John has a great intuitive sense, and is deeply compassionate. I would certainly recommend him to any.
– Maria DeMitchell, Licensed Massage Therapist


Though I approached Reiki as a skeptic, I got real relief from my persistent neck pain. John Decker’s treatments really got me through some rough days.
– Collin Sullivan, Actor and Teacher


Last February I had an accident where I fell 4 feet off a stage and landed solidly on my left heel and left side, my glutes especially.
I was also very angry about the careless actions of the persons who had caused said accident.
The pain was radiating up my spine and across my glutes to the point it hurt to sit, or stand, and driving was incredibly painful.
John did an emergency session for me, and not only did he help ease the searing pain – his work enabled me to quiet my heart and mind
about the anger I was holding and let it process much faster than I’m sure I would have on my own.
The pain was eased; there was warmth radiating from the injured areas that sped up the healing and I was able to drive the 3 days back home!
– Shannyn Kelly Dalby, Singer and Actress